Our sustainable practices


Our pieces are manufactured in a facility that empowers and supports its local community: socially and economically.


98% of our 71 employees live within a 30km radius of the production facility.


To design and produce collections that are neither short-term nor seasonal


All raw materials are solely-sourced from local suppliers and partners.


The production facility invests in local skill development by organizing workshops and training.


The collections we design are neither short-term or seasonal, allowing our pieces to maintain value over time.


We use ethically-sourced precious metals that do not damage the environment.

Raw Materials

Precious metals are sourced strictly from local companies that acquire ethical and ecological certifications. This ensures that the raw materials are 100% ethical; they do not come from a warzone area or from a mine in which, minors are exploited or from places that the environment is not respected.

Recycled Materials

All of our products contain a high percentage of recycled metal. We exclusively work with precious metals sourced from local companies with ethical and ecological certifications. This process ensures our raw materials are 100% ethical, do not come from warzones or mines with exploitive practices, and are from locations where the environment is respected.


Our quality is achieved through processes and procedures that leave as little impact as possible on the local ecosystem.


We are mindful of water usage.


We recycle any possible waste
that we can.


No harmful chemicals are used during production. Our facility uses ecological acid to clean oxides.


We’re continuously working to reduce plastic consumption. Whenever possible, the use of plastics is replaced with more sustainable products.